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Morning Routine

I love being awake around 4 am. Not only do I get to see the sunrise and get a lot more done in my day. But I can actually physically see Heaven around 5 am

I'm up before the birds sing, and get to hear them greet the day as I meditate or workout. I use the sunrise as an indicator to move to the next phase of my own personal 7 heavens (may not always be in this order)

1) breathwork

2) meditation

3) yoga

4) working out

5) reading/studying

6) sunbathing/thanking the sun for rising

7) nutrition

Some times I don't get all 7 in but it's my goal that I do. And I feel amazing throughout the day by trying and/or achieving all these goals before I even leave the house.

Do you have a morning routine? This could be making your bed, cleaning the house, going outside for a couple minutes, coffee/tea, etc. What do you do to start your day?

Consider this: Does your routine hinder or progress you in the direction you want to see your life go?


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