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How To Start Running

Start with the shoes you wear. Invest in real running shoes. Proper shoes will work better with impact to the ground. If you are trail running like me then your shoes should have some sort of grip feature.

I wear the Adidas Men’s Terrex Trail Running Shoes. These shoes are equipped with lightweight EVA midsole, and high traction outsole. This provides a combination of stability and comfort while I’m running on the trails.

Before even starting to run make sure you warm up and stretch. Both of these are critical elements in any exercise practiced. Muscles must be prepared for any action the body takes. The quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles all need to be warmed up and stretched before running. Rotating your ankles and getting movement around the toes is also important. As well as remembering to stretch after the run is complete.

As you begin to run find a good pace. Obtain forward momentum with the upper body, it should look and feel like slightly ‘falling’ forward. This just means your upper body leans in the direction you are going. With a good pace you wouldn’t be able to talk. While jogging the talk test will determine the speed and exertion of movement made. Anyone should be able to small talk while jogging.

While running your breathing will be heavy as your heart rate finds its rhythm. You’re the only one who knows the limits placed on your body. For example there’s a period I feel nauseous. But instead of quitting I push through and keep running. Throwing focus on where my finish line is located and how I’m going to get there. The nauseous feeling subsides as I continue to run. If any sudden pain arises be sure to address it, but don’t underestimate yourself! You’re capable of anything you set your mind too. Happy running!


Pic After Running Up 'The' Hill.

It's not always pretty, but I get the feeling of accomplishment every time I see this photo.


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